How to Order Germanium Lens from a Chinese Company

So many Americans are now buying lenses and custom lenses from Chinese companies, it is becoming the norm rather than the exception. No wonder really when you consider how much cheaper something like germanium lens from a Chinese company, and what high quality lenses they can manufacture for the low price you pay.

In some respects, it is a wonder more people are not ordering germanium lens from China. After all, it is easy to do and the benefits are enormous for doing so.

How to order germanium lens from a Chinese company -- Choose the company you are going to order from by checking both reviews and consumer affairs sites to find the most-liked companies.

Read their websites to see which company seems to fit what you are looking for the most and make a note of their contact information.

Contacting a representative -- Every germanium lens order you place with a Chinese company will usually be dealt with by a representative that is assigned to you throughout the entire process.

This person will send you a quote for the germanium lens you want, tell you how long it will take them to manufacture it if you are custom ordering and how long it will take to ship it to you.

You can then place the order by agreeing to the quote and ordering the number of germanium lenses you need.

What to expect -- When you order germanium lens from a Chinese company, you may not quite expect what you get.

You should expect a high quality germanium lens that is made to international protocols. It will be mailed to you quickly, and both the lens and the shipping fees will be affordable.

You should also expect exceptional customer service from a representative that speaks English, and can handle any problems you have so that you are happy with the result.